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18 March 2013 Planned Server Upgrade 22:00-23:00 EST
Whimmedia SaaS users will shortly reap the benefits from our shiny new servers. Services will remain available during this time.

20 Oct 2012 Whimmedia now in beta
Whimmedia Saas users will be updated automatically.

31 Aug 2012 WhimVFC available
The Very Fast Checksummer libraries for WhimReaper are now available for download as WhimVFC, a standalone utility.

20 Aug 2012 Scheduled Server Maintenance 00:30-01:00 EST
Downtime due to web server upgrade. Email will be unaffected.

18 May 2012 Release - Whim SMS 1.2
The latest version of the Whim SMS multilingual content management system is now available.
Mar 11 2012 Scheduled Server Maintenance 22:00-23:00 EST
This will involve some downtime for the virtual servers and websites on these hosts.

Feb 10 2012 Update - Whimmedia 0.611
In addition to its new look, Whimmedia now supports article caching and user-agent impersonation.

Jan 23 2012 Update - Whimmedia 0.517
Whimmedia now supports RSS feeds and mobile SMS alerts.

Nov 10 2011 Whim IT relocated to Brisbane

Aug 16 2011 Whimit website revamp

Aug 1 2011 Free Whimmedia trial now available
Try out Whimmedia, our multilingual media monitoring system.

Jun 21 2011 Scheduled Server Maintenance 22:00-23:00 EST
The upgrade of the mail server will mean email receipt and delivery will be delayed for approx 1hr.

Nov 1 2010 WhimReaper patent awarded

Aug 17 2010 Whim IT Website Launch

May 14 2010 Whim IT Founded

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